PROMT is the leading developer of linguistic IT solutions for enterprise level clients and private users. The company offers translation systems for 20+ languages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Turkish, Bulgarian, Latvian, Japanese and Polish).

On our track record:

Our Mission

Creation of effective texts translation tools eliminating linguistic barriers between people

Our slogan is “We make the world understandable!”

You can find the PROMT translation systems overview on the PROMT Translators webpage.

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Our Strategy and Purposes

Our corporate history is more than 25 years of success in creation and development of innovative linguistic technologies.

PROMT high quality translation systems have been developed and supported by a unique team of PROMT developers, who continually conduct ongoing linguistic research, and implement cutting edge technologies. The company stands at the forefront of the CIS market of translation software development and aspires to leadership in the world market.

Among our latest achievements:

PROMT technology provides a unique translation quality, convenience and efficiency of work with any volumes of information – from one word to multi-paged documents. PROMT provides the full spectrum of solutions: machine translation products for different platforms (Windows, Linuх, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android), electronic dictionaries and Translation Memory systems.

PROMT translation systems help people to communicate all over the world without linguistic barriers. PROMT software products cover a wide range of usability ranging from a very easy-to-operate translation program or mobile applications intended for home use to powerful, highly professional systems for translation experts, and specialized translation solutions for еnterprise clients and digital projects online. The company pays special attention to online translation technologies which provides for direct and free communication between people speaking different languages via the Internet.

The company successfully cooperates with the largest trading and distribution companies, building and expanding our partner network worldwide. The expansion of world distribution networks and the creation of the PROMT branch in Germany were the first steps in this direction. PROMT renders a full range of localization services and provides support of PROMT translation systems worldwide.