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PROMT is leveraging its strength in machine translation (MT) software for e-business environments:

  • Internet/Intranet;
  • Email;
  • E-commerce.

The Internet continues to grow at a rapid pace and the need for "on-the-fly" translation is clear. PROMT MT systems provide fast and accurate online translation, enabling people who speak different languages to communicate effectively and access valuable multilingual information online.

PROMT offers an online translation solution that eliminates language barriers: PROMT Translation Server (PTS). PTS integrates core language-handling technology with the latest application and multi-user technology.

Large projects based on PTS have been implemented at the Central Bank of Russia and on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) intranet.

PROMT’s own online translation service ( is also powered by PTS and is currently ranked No. 2 in the world in online translation services. Real-time online translation of texts, web pages and emails is available here.

Users with mobile phones can use a WAP-version of the online translator (

Online translation services are becoming more and more popular.  An average of 70,000 people visit every day and process more than 360,000 translations. The PROMT free online translation tool at is poised to become the most in-demand online translation service in Russia and CIS.

To date, the PROMT translation service has served people from 119 countries around the world.

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PROMT is a world leading provider of automated translation software. The company develops PROMT translation software and dictionaries that have received numerous awards from leading computer magazines. PROMT offers translation solutions for the home and business use, as well as for Internet and corporate intranets.

PROMT provides machine translation for 16 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese in two variants, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Turkish, Bulgarian, Latvian, Japanese and Polish, with a total of 64 translation directions

The Ukrainian, Latvian and Polish language pairs included in the PROMT solutions are developed by Trident Software.

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