PROMT was founded in 1991 by two Ph.D.s in computational linguistics. Both came from a research department in Herzen University, which is a well known university in Russia (St. Petersburg). Both of the original developers are still stakeholders in the company. Promt has been focused on solving the eternal problem of machine translation for 20 years. Combining innovation and high technological standards, the company has developed revolutionary machine translation (MT) technology, which is at the heart of the @promt product family, and has become a technology leader in MT.

PROMT core technologies make valuable information available to all people, no matter what their native language. Today, PROMT provides a full range of translation solutions:

  • machine translation systems and services;
  • dictionaries;
  • translation memory system;
  • data mining system;
  • tools for human translators;
  • online real-time translations.

The company dominates the Russian and CIS market for MT software. PROMT is also actively marketing its software in Europe and the USA. The company has opened a subsidiary in Germany and is developing distribution networks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, the USA, Canada, and other countries.

The rapid growth of the Internet, ecommerce, and email is a particular focus for the company; fast and easy online translation technologies make direct and free online communication between people speaking different languages possible.