"Never translate the same text twice" – this is the main idea behind Translation Memory technology.

This technology is based on a comparison between the document to be translated with existing translations stored in the database. If the text segment to be translated matches an existing translation in the database, the translation in the translation memory database is extracted and applied to the document to be translated. This makes translating documents of similar subject and structure and with blocks of repeated text extremely efficient.

Translation Memory technology provides fast translation at minimal cost.

Translation Memory is most effective for:

—Support for business users in translation of documents with a high rate of similarity of text (export/import contracts, technical documentation, product descriptions, manuals, etc.).

—Increased efficiency for professional translators (efficient use of time and resources, because there is no need to retranslate what you have already translated once).

PROMT offers translation systems that integrate the Translation Memory and Machine Translation technologies.

PROMT Professional 9.0 comes in two versions: desktop and network. PROMT Professional 9.0 includes an application for creating, updating, and using TM databases.

PROMT LSP (Language Service Provider) 9.0 is a new product in our line of corporate solutions. It supports most of the open standards of TM databases and allows you to work with Translation Memory databases from different vendors, including SDL Trados.

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