Content Maximization Suite

Content is proliferating rapidly and enterprises invest large sums in effectively managing and reusing or single-sourcing content through sophisticated applications. PROMT's Content Maximization Suite consists of best of breed natural language processing utilities and applications that repurpose and reinvigorate linguistic assets.

The Content Maximization Suite provides the following capabilities:

  • validating the translation memory using automated utilities to identify misalignments and potential mistranslations
  • building or promoting translation memory units using advanced leveraging technology
  • extracting customized, domain-specific dictionaries from the translation memory using statistical sub-sentential alignment and extraction tools
  • creating language models from the translation memory

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PROMT is a world leading provider of automated translation software. The company develops PROMT translation software and dictionaries that have received numerous awards from leading computer magazines. PROMT offers translation solutions for the home and business use, as well as for Internet and corporate intranets.

PROMT provides machine translation for 16 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese in two variants, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Turkish, Bulgarian, Latvian, Japanese and Polish, with a total of 64 translation directions

The Ukrainian, Latvian and Polish language pairs included in the PROMT solutions are developed by Trident Software.

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