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I fell in love with PROMT many years ago, and it's hard to let go because it just delivers over and over again for suitable projects without fail. It's highly underrated (as is RBMT in general), at least from a pure translation production and professional post-editing environment point of view where predictability of raw output and throughput are crucial elements.

Greg Hellmann
Translation and MT Manager at SimulTrans


PROMT is the best !!!
By Rildo F Ribeiro from Brazil about PROMT Offline Translator English Pack (version 1.0.15, Apple Mac App Store) on Jan 29, 2015

I already use it at Windows for many years and now I'm really glad that they developed this tool to MAC OS X!!! You're for sure the best translator and I hope that all features can be used also at MAC OS X! Congrats and I also recommend it to MAC users!!


Very very useful and helpful app. Thanks a lot for great job. We are all very pleased about any new app.
Anita Buivite

Good. Good. Super good.

I've been looking for a translator that could not only translate a word but also show the transcription for it. And finally I've found it. Also the translator translates phrases and sentences very well. Seems it can translate SMS' but I haven't tried it yet.


Good app, really useful) really cool


Super helpful for reading english books!!!

Totally beats google translate. Two minor suggestions. Please put a voice search button directly on a page for fast access. Please automatically show translation for a voice-matched word without a need to push a big green button after a word was inserted.


At the present time, PROMT is very new to us, but most helpful. We have used Promt Editor feature to translate Word documents from English to Spanish. Currently we have used the software to translate documents only, but hopefully, in the near future, we'd like to have our teachers be able to use PROMT to provide written communication to homes of ESL students, create classwork assignments, etc. for students who are do not speak or write with fluency in English. Our goal is provide these students and their families with the assistance they need to become integral parts of school environment. Since it is near the end of the school year, we are not using it daily, but I can see that before school begins in the fall and during the summer we will be using PROMT software to prepare form letters and information packets to be sent home at school's beginning. I believe that it is a very useful tool for educators to have at their disposal.

Cheryl Hood, Missisipi, USA

I am a PROMT user and love the program. Thank you for your help.

Anne Doremus, Croatia

The software is toooo easy to operate, and I really enjoy having it to use for translation. I love it, and everyone will really be envious when they see my documents!

Cheryl, USA

The functionality of PROMT software is sufficient - the software performs quickly and provides a better than average translation compared to other software that I have used in the past.

The translation quality is sufficient - the translations generally are much better than the usual "gist" translation which is what other market translation software packages provide.

The "ease-of-use" level is high - PROMT is intuitive to use. The program functions are right on the tool bar and the additional tools and options even give the advanced user the ability to change many of the settings that are used frequently from day to day translations. I find the translation command options extremely useful for marking the translations in color when inserting them into documents for later proofing and editing.

Scott Simon, USA

I began to study Russian using your Prompt software for business and personal reasons (I amtrying to find a bride in Ukraine and Russia) and I have had very positive experience with such done in conjunction with a Berlitz basic course on Russian language for grammar and other reasons.

I use your software heavily on my Notebook to input English expressions I want to learn in Russian and then I save them and also organize them into Word document from your software. Considering I have never had anyone in person to teach me Russian or speak with anyone here in Orlando in Russian comment I am getting from those in Ukraine and Russian who have heard me speak are very positive. They are very impressed with my Russian knowledge.

Drazen Premate
President & CEO
NEWEUROPE Corporation

I am a translator with 30 years' experience and enjoy enormously working with your software.

Joseline Bougain
Qualified Translator since 1972

I’m the PM for this project and my Russian language skills are practically 0%, so my best friend in this is this PROMT-translator.

It takes +/-60 seconds see the covering message in English and understand if the whole mail is needed to translate.

This PROMT has changed my life & tasks – it is highly recommended.

Jorma Aaltonen, Finland

My friend and I are waiting now for her Fiancé Visa and soon she will be coming here to the US and we will be married. We have saved so much money on hiring translators and by using Promt we were able to spend New Years in Paris, France.
Because My future wife who is still living in Russia used the program not only to write letters to each other but when we are together we use the program to talk as well. Irina writes in Russian and we translate that to English and I write in English and translate that to Russian.

Also please note that doing this helps me learn Russian and Irina learn English because we see the words in our language and hear them as we both speak our native language. So Promt is the link that not only allows translation it helps provides two people find love.

Thank for your program, We love it!!

Ronald R. Strawn, USA

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