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PROMT's corporate solutions allow a company's entire staff to work with information in foreign languages in several different formats including documents, websites, and correspondences. Implementation of the solution speeds up decision-making processes and cuts down on the expenses of technical translations. PROMT offers both ready-made products, and solutions that provide great possibilities for customization to perform specific tasks, and for full integration into electronic workflow systems and corporate portals.

  • PROMT Translation Server 18
    Basic translation solution for corporate networks
    This is a simple and easy to use system for quick translation and it provides all the basic features to users. It provides instant access to the service via a web interface.
  • Industry Products
    Server solutions product line for key industries
    Each product is fully configured and is ready to be used with documents of a specific industry. The solution covers a wide variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Power Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Banking, IT, Public Sector, and many others.
  • PROMT Translation Server 18 DE
    Software solution that is embedded into the company document flow
    This is the most flexible solution, providing a wide range of opportunities for integration with websites, corporate portals, and document flow systems.
  • PROMT Cloud
    Leased translator
    This solution offers the option to translate texts without installing the software on a company server. IT specialists do not need to deploy the solution nor keep up with system maintenance. Furthermore, the costs are much lower and payments can be made in installments.

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PROMT Educational Program
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