Modern client-server solution able to meet the full range of translation needs on the enterprise level - from document translation to business correspondence and web-sites.

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Efficient and safe work with documents in any foreign language


Eliminating language barriers in-house and beyond


Speeding up business processes related to foreign documentation


Improving personal productivity of employees while working with any multilingual content


Who uses the solution?

Every employee of the company can use this solution:

  • Heads – to translate business correspondence fast and to read legal and financial documents.
  • Managers – to work with commercial offers and agreements and to translate documentation for export or import products.
  • Lawyers – to study foreign legislation and to translate agreements.
  • IT Specialists – to translate technical texts, to write user guides, and to translate descriptions of equipment and system messages.
  • Engineers – to work with documentation for import equipment, standards and regulatory norms, and to read professional literature.
  • Developers – to read user guides, scientific articles, and patent documentation.
  • Marketing Specialists – to study foreign markets, to read world news, and to work with analytical materials.
  • HR Managers – to review resumes and to read business correspondence.
  • Translators – to translate and post-edit technical, legal or financial documentation within company.

Our Clients trust us — and so can you!

“We think that purchasing of the PROMT system is the best solution of the problem that the company was facing”, — Sergei Tolstokhlebov comments. — “The automatic translator on the enterprise portal can be easily used by most of our employees. On average, more than 300 employees of the company benefit from using the translation server every week”.

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